[bf1942] Funny gameplay changes!

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Sun Aug 1 01:24:32 EDT 2004

The wrench was accidentally nerfed when correcting an issue with the medic.


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>Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 00:39:16 -0400 (EDT)
> > How about the wrench, for instance, that was broken in 1.6 for '42 and
> > never patched.  A fix for it would take about 5 minutes to put together,
> > at most.
> >
> > In short, don't hold your breath.
> >
> >>
> >>Graphics aren't as nice, but the gameplay is a lot better. As if anybody
> >>cared what I thought over there at Dice. If I were you guys, I'd think
> >>about switching a few things around 'quickly' as to not lose the fanbase
> >>or future sales. Take a poll and find out for yourself.
> >>
> >>-Michael
> >>
> >>
> >
>Pardon my ignorance, but whats wrong with the wrench?  Ive never noticed
>any problems.
>There are a lot of bugs in 1.6 though that ive seen, especially when you
>leave flak guns sometimes your character stutters around the screen until
>you die and respawn, then its done.
>I'd like to see active crosshairs for all of the guns on ships too, but I
>doubt this will happen.

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