[bf1942] Funny gameplay changes!

jon at ecgnetwork.com jon at ecgnetwork.com
Sun Aug 1 00:39:16 EDT 2004

> How about the wrench, for instance, that was broken in 1.6 for '42 and
> never patched.  A fix for it would take about 5 minutes to put together,
> at most.
> In short, don't hold your breath.
>>Graphics aren't as nice, but the gameplay is a lot better. As if anybody
>>cared what I thought over there at Dice. If I were you guys, I'd think
>>about switching a few things around 'quickly' as to not lose the fanbase
>>or future sales. Take a poll and find out for yourself.
Pardon my ignorance, but whats wrong with the wrench?  Ive never noticed
any problems.

There are a lot of bugs in 1.6 though that ive seen, especially when you
leave flak guns sometimes your character stutters around the screen until
you die and respawn, then its done.

I'd like to see active crosshairs for all of the guns on ships too, but I
doubt this will happen.

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