AW: [bf1942] XML Event Logging

Martin Steiger martin at
Wed Apr 7 13:09:32 EDT 2004

Ouch, forgot one thing, although it is not that important: You don't see the
current version of the game in the logs. Especially if something changes in
the log behaviour, it would be easier if you could create switches for
version numbers than checking every single event on it's "syntax" (i.e. the
"vechicle" and "vehicle" typo in BF1942)...


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>>Forrest said almost everything, one thing I'm missing is the heli-pickups.
>>It's incredibly helpful for your team if you have a good helo-pilot, which
>>takes i.e. the mobile-spawnpoint and drops it somewhere. Or, for the other
>>side, it is not logged, if a player takes a spawnpoint and places it
>>somewhere else (or, I haven't seen it until now, blame me
>>then...). So this
>>would be another point to indicate a "good team-player"... :)
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>>For those who don't know already, I've taken over the dedicated server
>>duties from Peter (dpc).
>>I've begun work on updating the XML Event Logging, and I've started to
>>rework some of the events, since BFV is a bit different than '42.  :)
>>It occurred to me that I probably wouldn't think of everything, and since
>>the admin population in the studio approaches zero, I'd post a request for
>>events.  So, what's missing?
>>Note that I will take all requests as just that... requests.
>>Some ideas may
>>be difficult and/or impossible to put in place in the time I have alloted.
>>  Andy.
>>For reference, here's the list of events from 1942:
>>scoreEvent (FlagCapture, Attack, Defence, Kill, Death, DeathNoMsg, TK,
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