[bf1942] BF Client Lock ups

Scum scumbucket at cox.net
Wed Oct 1 17:24:43 EDT 2003

Well its not like this list is swamped at the moment, and I think it is was
fitting because who else can provide an answer faster and more informative,
then the Server Op's on this list.

After 5 years as I server op with hlds_l servers, I have only just recently
moves to BF Linux. And I must say this list has been great and the response
quick and very informative.

If players can not play and they turn to me, and if I do not know the answer
then I will turn to the server op's for help.

I do see what you mean, so maybe I should have asked the question this way?

My linux server has no one playing on it, and I am receiving emails stating
that no one can connect to my linux bf1942 server. I have ssh into the box
to confirm all is well. Does anyone have any ideas why my linux server is
not allowing any players to connect at the moment. Some of these players are
reporting that they are crashing to desktop in their attempts to reach my
linux bf1942 server.

Would that have been better since I put the blame on my box for the failure
of the players to connect? That would make it a server side question, right?
Thus qualifing for for this list.

Hahahahaha  justkidding around, relax!



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