[bf1942] BF Client Lock ups

Marcus Gralde marcus.gralde at gmc.nu
Wed Oct 1 18:06:32 EDT 2003

Yes... I agree on the list being great, responsive and informative to
Question for the server... is it behind a firewall of some kind? IP-tables?
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> Well its not like this list is swamped at the moment, and I think it is
> fitting because who else can provide an answer faster and more
> then the Server Op's on this list.
> After 5 years as I server op with hlds_l servers, I have only just
> moves to BF Linux. And I must say this list has been great and the
> quick and very informative.
> If players can not play and they turn to me, and if I do not know the
> then I will turn to the server op's for help.
> I do see what you mean, so maybe I should have asked the question this
> My linux server has no one playing on it, and I am receiving emails
> that no one can connect to my linux bf1942 server. I have ssh into the box
> to confirm all is well. Does anyone have any ideas why my linux server is
> not allowing any players to connect at the moment. Some of these players
> reporting that they are crashing to desktop in their attempts to reach my
> linux bf1942 server.
> Would that have been better since I put the blame on my box for the
> of the players to connect? That would make it a server side question,
> Thus qualifing for for this list.
> Hahahahaha  justkidding around, relax!
> Thanks,
> Scum

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