[bf1942] SMP

Jon MMmmGood at cox.net
Fri May 16 20:26:52 EDT 2003

I sure hope they decide to put it back in.  Any improvement, however minor,
is a plus in my book, and gives us the ability to make server rentals
cheaper to players.

Jon Wolberg
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> --On Friday, May 16, 2003 3:09 PM -0700 Jon <MMmmGood at cox.net> wrote:
> > Andreas, will the linuxded multithreaded to benefit from SMP systems?
> That was initially removed because the benefit was minor and the
> multithreading could have been causing deadlocks. With the code trees
> merging again, I believe there was indication that the multithreading
> be restored, but the additional threads are used primarily for slow
> stuff like DNS lookups, not to spread the load of the main server
> My guess is that the engine wasn't designed for multithreading, so adding
> it now would be pretty painful. It really has to be designed in from the
> ground up for something this complex.

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