[bf1942] Bandwidth choke

Lee Miller red5 at siliconbased.com
Thu May 15 22:10:59 EDT 2003

I was having the same problem. He probably has it configured for LAN 
games (the default).
Change it to this and it'll run a lot smother.

game.ServerMaxAllowedConnectionType CTCable256Kbps

On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 06:42  PM, Scratch Monkey wrote:

> Forwarded from a forum I frequent. Alas, I know just enough about the 
> server
> to bring it up but haven't really tinkered with it much, so I don't 
> know the
> answer. I'm trying to get details on how he's doing the bandwidth 
> measurement.
>> Anyone, especially you scratch, know of some work arounds for BF42 
>> Linux
>> server? Right now our only option for a server is on a Linux system. 
>> The Box
>> is a 2.4 gig Pent, with a gig of Ram. So I cant see that this would 
>> cause
>> the problem. The bandwidth is a dual T1 connect.
>> Last night we played MA on this server and at its peak, 84000 
>> bytes/sec were
>> being eaten up. These does seem like an issue were the server wouldnt 
>> be
>> able to exert enough Bandwidth. I tried changing the 
>> bandwidthchokelimit
>> from 128 to 0. Same results. I am pretty sure were are running 1.31, 
>> but
>> since its on a secure area, the port to show it on GS/ASE isnt 
>> enabled.
>> Anyone know the command to check version via the console?
>> Any help in "tweaking" the Con file would be greatly appreciated!

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