[bf1942] Bandwidth choke

Sid Chrome sidbo at xtra.co.nz
Thu May 15 21:59:51 EDT 2003

Has anyone tried playing around with the renderer.lockfps setting on a
linux server? I know in the Windoze based server console you can
dynamically change this setting to dramatically increase (under light
load) the fps and correspondingly reduce the MSF time (to lie 3.2ms).

Actually I've got a spare linux box at the moment too, might go have a

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Forwarded from a forum I frequent. Alas, I know just enough about the
server to bring it up but haven't really tinkered with it much, so I
don't know the answer. I'm trying to get details on how he's doing the
bandwidth measurement.

> Anyone, especially you scratch, know of some work arounds for BF42 
> Linux server? Right now our only option for a server is on a Linux 
> system. The Box is a 2.4 gig Pent, with a gig of Ram. So I cant see 
> that this would cause the problem. The bandwidth is a dual T1 connect.
> Last night we played MA on this server and at its peak, 84000 
> bytes/sec were being eaten up. These does seem like an issue were the 
> server wouldnt be able to exert enough Bandwidth. I tried changing the

> bandwidthchokelimit from 128 to 0. Same results. I am pretty sure were

> are running 1.31, but since its on a secure area, the port to show it 
> on GS/ASE isnt enabled. Anyone know the command to check version via 
> the console?
> Any help in "tweaking" the Con file would be greatly appreciated!

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