Linux server status report 2003-05-12

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at
Mon May 12 11:00:24 EDT 2003

Hi list,
here's a status update once again.

I noticed a strange thing today while doing something unrelated; the linux
always ran at a lower FPS than the windows equivalent. The reason is that
minumum latency you can get as a ordinary user for a sleep call is 10ms. So
though configured for 60 fps the server would end up running at 30-35 fps.

This is the reason the CPU utilization was so low during our playtests and
are no ill effects from this lower FPS. However I'm probably going to make
an option to force the main loop to be more responsive and thereby use much
CPU. This might come as an incremental update later on though.

I have a few Linux specific bugs left to sort out, mostly minor stuff. Coop
still a bit flaky under certain situations but CQ, TDM and CTF work fine.

Please consider the first release from me a technology test release since
a bit has changed. I'll try to update the server once a week if necessary.

I still can't give a release date, but I've been talking with people who
hosting possibilities to ensure a smooth distribution.


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