[bf1942] Linux server

Matrix Matrix at ServerXtreme.com
Mon May 12 10:20:57 EDT 2003

The latest spam fest is just too funny.  All of this comparing CPU’s is just ridiculous!  The CPU is a small part of the system as a whole.  You can have a kick ass CPU and the rest of the system a huge bottle neck!

First thing, bringing up 64bit procs is too funny in the gaming world right now.  These games do not utilize 64bit procs, so that functionality is not even utilized on the procs for the game.  A few selected Linux distro’s barely support it even.

I have played with the MP’s over and over on many different setups, and choosing the correct motherboard is the key.  I have dropped the same MP2000+ dual procs on 2 different motherboards with completely night and day performance results.

The Xeon…  The key once again is the freaking Motherboard!  If you go out and buy a couple of 2.6 GHz Xeon procs and put them on some cheap azz $800 motherboard, you might as well buy MP’s, P4’s, or AMD’s instead because you will never unlock the capabilities of the Xeon.  Just because it says Xeon, does not mean you have a solid high performance server, and same goes for any CPU setup.  Most people spend more on the CPU’s than the motherboard just to say I have a Xeon system, or MP system... ROFL!!!  Truthfully, I have seen Xeon’s beat MP’s hands down with the correct setups on both, and that is not cheap setups.  Let’s put it this way, if you do not get the correct motherboard for the Xeons, you pretty much get the performance of a P4 and not a Xeon...  but when you get that correct motherboard, holly sh*t the performance is amazingly superior to all AMD.

The comparisons here about CPU’s are identical to the comparisons that I laugh at about GForce4 video cards.  Again, just because it says GeForce4, does not mean it will perform.  The video card that chip sits on is the fuc*ing key, and the motherboard AGP architecture it will go into… (ohh I just mentioned the motherboard again!! ROFL!)  Everything is centered around the motherboard, and the motherboard is what makes the system perform.  There was something else I read, MP’s handle I/O better… HAHAHHAA… the CPU’s can only do as much as the motherboard can handle! (There’s that damn motherboard mentioned again!)

Anyway, on to a more productive topic…  DICE hows the Linux port for BF1942 looking. :)


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