[bf1942] libstdc++.so.5 not found

Fritz Elfert felfert at to.com
Mon Jun 23 07:06:43 EDT 2003

> Ok, thx for the tip :). Now I removed the i but my server can still not be
> found on the LAN. Any other tips.
Another suspicious setting on our server:

> > game.serverIP

If you have a netmask of, the 192.168.0 net is illegal.
I've seen some strange things happening (not with BF1942 but with other
apps.) when using this net range. Some kernels work, some don't, some
work but complain in syslog. Perhaps you should try 192.168.1.x or
something else.

Another possible cause: Do you have multiple ethernet interfaces in your
machine? If so, try the attached program (needs root access in order to
all interfaces) on the same machine. It listens on all local interfaces and
forwards client queries to the server. If you run it with -v -v, it stays in
foreground and logs the queries/responses to syslog. Normally, you would run
with only one -v.
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