[bf1942] show me the hardware, show me the hardware!

Kevin J. Anderson lestat at counter-strike.net
Thu Jun 19 12:54:32 EDT 2003

I recently solved the *idle* high cpu issue by following andreas' suggestion
to use the 2.4.21 vanilla kernel stripped down, mentioned here in this


Great results so far, but still waiting to see some serious player load.


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->My machine an Athlon 2600+ with 1GB of ram, running with a 333 FSB on
->the nForce2 chipset. This server also runs the website/database for our
->clan, but this is pretty trivial in terms of cpu usage. Other than that,
->it's dedicated to running the game.
->I run the DC mod. With the 1.4 server release, it uses between 60 and
->80% cpu for 24 players. I'm not sure if this enourmous cpu drain is
->caused by DC or the Linux kernel problem Andreas referred to. Either
->way, I had been hoping to run servers up to 64 players (as far as I'm
->aware, the specs of my server are very similar to the 64 player BF
->servers run by NVidia).
->You can view performance data (players/cpu load/network usage) here:
->Klemen Gersak (515TEM Compaq) wrote:
->> ...and how many players do they support. Do u run anything else on the
->> machine?
->> :)
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->>>Hi BF-lnx runners,
->>>what are the specs of your linux dedicated serverS?

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