[bf1942] mailing list notice...

Udo Held udo at udoheld.de
Sat Jun 14 21:15:12 EDT 2003

On Sat, Jun 14, 2003 at 06:39:28PM -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> ...if you're getting this email, it means we're back up.
> icculus.org's ISP was shut down (electric company unplugged them, then the
> landlord changed the locks...), so we had to move to a new provider in a
> hurry.
> This means mail that has been sent since, say, Wednesday, will probably be
> reaching the i.o mail server in the next day or so as the new DNS entry
> propagates.
> This means that a few days worth of bf1942 mailing list traffic may be
> hitting your inbox at once as all those messages finally arrive here and
> are resent to the list memebers.
> There might be little burbs in the network as we get things arranged, but
> over all, this _should_ be stable again. Thanks to the Unreal Developer
> Network for hosting us on short notice.
> Just letting y'all know.
> --ryan.

Thx 4 info. My mails where always bouncing back...


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