[bf1942] [OT] Server query tools.

Christian Lizell Christian.Lizell at athega.se
Thu Jun 5 03:47:51 EDT 2003

Hi list!

Maybe you are experiencing what sometimes is referred to as ghosting. 
The game spy protocol "forgets" to clean up used player slots every 
now and then. Don't fear, there is a solution to this. All player 
slots are resused so you can look at the current 'numplayers' 
parameter on the server you are querying and just skip players with 
'player_id' > 'numplayers'.

At least this is how we do it at BF Tracks. :)


  We are not using qstat to query the servers, so I'm
  not sure if qstat already implements this and your
  problem is something else.

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James Gurney wrote:
> Anyone had any luck with querying the BF1942 server for player 
> information? From what I've read on various forums, you can use qstat 
> with the -gps switch to query the server, and this seems to basically 
> work. However, when you query for player information, it shows players 
> which don't seem to be actually on the server (perhaps failed 
> connections?).
> For example, right now I get this:
> root at fez:~# qstat -P -gps
>        0/20 Battleaxe     26 / 0  conquest CSM - DC 0.35 
> - Seattle
>           0 frags team#0       0ms ?
>           0 frags team#2       0ms CELUI QUI AIME LE SANG
> However, if I view the server using ASE or similar tools, it shows no 
> one playing. This is a little inconvenient because I'd like to query the 
> players for a live view on the website, and these "fake" entries would 
> show up there.
> One thing I noticed is that qstat is using port 23000, but ASE appears 
> to use 14690 as the query port. I tried pointing qstat at this port, but 
>  it times out.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate methods of getting 
> accurate player information from a script?
> Thanks,
> James

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