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Steve Getman steve at lightcubed.com
Wed Jun 4 15:38:14 EDT 2003

Jeremy, would love to at least link to the Linux version of that on my
site once you're done.  Or if you need a place to host it, let me know.


Steve Getman
steve at lightcubed.com

<quote who="Summit - BFCentral.com">
> Joseph,
> You should buy the game, as well as the expansion, Allot of the fan sites
> have blasted the expansion but in my opinion its great. you should also be
> able to enjoy joining any area of the community, as well as get respectful
> answers to any questions you may have.
> To the Linux community I think a guide to install with all of the files
> needed to setup and install both a Linux and win32 server would be a great
> addition to the millions of sites out their.
> I started working on such a site tonight, and will send it to GP who runs
> serveradmins.bfcentral.com I will create a screenshot guide to setting up
> both a Linux and windows server, as well as include every file you will
> need to accomplish both tasks.
> I will have available on the Battlefield Central site, the Linux OS both
> Red Hat and FreeBSD .is for install as well as any and all of the various
> files and updates needed. We will put it all together make it easy to read
> and follow.
> If anyone knows if such a site already exists please let me know, as I
> don't want to step on anyone's toes. Anyone and everyone's support in this
> project would be much appreciated.
> Jeremy Wood
> Site Director
> jeremy at bfcentral.com
> www.bfcentral.com

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