[bf1942] Cheat

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Fri Jul 11 07:24:56 EDT 2003

I agree indeed, I hope this banning problem will be fixed. I know this
WONID thing has been suggested in the beta 1.3x stages, but haven't
heard from Dice as whether the are looking into this item. Not that it
is walhalla for sysadmins though, since the CS scene is swamped with
stolen CD-key's, and mainly used with the real assholes. But it makes
the effort a lill' harder to reconnect lateron.

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The whole BF system makes it difficult for admins because it does not
have a WONID system similar to that of Half-Life based games. I
certainly wish they would fix this.

> Anyway. You're right. There are enough way's to find out the basics 
> anyway. The rest, allthough you may think otherwise, I don't care 
> about.
> Hope it gets fixed fast, preferably throughout the game, but 
> serverside is fine with me, since I don't expect a new client to be 
> released shortly.

Well, we agree on a few things at least. I think we've wasted enough
time on this matter.

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