[bf1942] Cheat

kenk at shreve.net kenk at shreve.net
Fri Jul 11 06:29:00 EDT 2003

> I find the accusal of wanting to show off myself rather appalling.

I still find your argument rather weak and still believe it is thinly
veiled. Thats my opinion anyway.

There is a video clip of the cheat in action, that is all the proof you
should need. (Nice clip, too, btw. Nice choice of music.)

I understand you want to give people the benefit of the doubt, as an admin
of several servers myself, I am in the same position.  Maybe not all cases
are as black and white as this one, but in regards to the flying bug, I
dont see how knowing how to do it would help you be any more fair to your
players. You cannot hide this.

The whole BF system makes it difficult for admins because it does not have
a WONID system similar to that of Half-Life based games. I certainly wish
they would fix this.

> Anyway. You're right. There are enough way's to find out the basics
> anyway. The rest, allthough you may think otherwise, I don't care about.
> Hope it gets fixed fast, preferably throughout the game, but serverside
> is fine with me, since I don't expect a new client to be released
> shortly.

Well, we agree on a few things at least. I think we've wasted enough time
on this matter.

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