[bf1942] Cheat

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Fri Jul 11 05:36:29 EDT 2003

I agree to that.

However, as an admin having hosted games like Quake World, HL, CS, DoD,
TFC, UT, Q3 over the past 5 years, and vigorously have fought all kinds
of cheats on my server, to the point that even some of the most well
known players on our box were caught and kicked out, and resulting in
very unpleasant riots, namecalling, and pushed many of my admins to the
point to give up the crew just because of this, and many DDoS attacks
just because of this stringent attitude towards cheats... I find the
accusal of wanting to show off myself rather appalling.

Why didn't Kick them out? There could be other measures explicitely put
in the maps I am not aware off. If you are on the same team, you can see
an arrow moving across the map fast. If you are on the opposite team you
can't see it... You just get shot in the back before you know it. Now it
might very well have been because of an exploit, but... How do you proof

It may not be of much concern to you, but our community has survived
strongly on the possibility of strong and reliable proof of the action.
As long as I don't know how it works, i find it difficult to determine
of the action was caused by faul play, or just sneaking around very
smart. I would have to see someone flying to know it was a bug exploit,
but in the action, I'm more focussed on the ground fighting there.

Some people in the passed had accused me of being a dictator on my own
box. Aparently I'm being rather fair still trying to at least proof the

Apart from that is "just banning them" not a solution. As anyone here
with some hosting background knows that banning on a plain IP in a DHCP
internet world is not working. (as has been told b4.) 

Anyway. You're right. There are enough way's to find out the basics
anyway. The rest, allthough you may think otherwise, I don't care about.

Hope it gets fixed fast, preferably throughout the game, but serverside
is fine with me, since I don't expect a new client to be released

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I think you are right, but stay calm.....
I would also like to know how it works, but the less people knowing it,
the better it is! Hope there will be a fast fix for this...


> oh puh-leeze... What kind of stupid ass logic is that? You have people

> blatently exploiting a flaw and causing chaos, but because you dont 
> know how they are doing it, you wont kick them out? What a sorry ass 
> excuse for an admin. If I were a regular on your server I'd bail on 
> you in a New York second after hearing that bit of stupidity.  Why 
> dont you just come out and say what you REALLY mean. You want to know 
> how it works so you can show it off to your friends. Quit trying to 
> hide your real motivations behind some lame excuse.  Here's your 
> ass-hat, go wear it with pride! The less people that know about this, 
> the better and that includes admins. All you have to be able to do is 
> see it, and its pretty frikken obvious, and ban the violators. You do 
> not NEED to know how it works no matter how much you WANT to know.  
> The people that can fix it know about it and thats as far as it needs 
> to go.  This list has done its job in reporting the issue, we dont 
> need step by step instructions. Sadly enough, they will probably turn 
> up on clan pages all over the net in a few hours. Even so, your 
> knowing how they do it wont change a damn thing.
> </rant>

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