[bf1942] Cheat

PhoeniX phoenix at lan-power.de
Fri Jul 11 04:22:49 EDT 2003

I think you are right, but stay calm.....
I would also like to know how it works, but the less people knowing it, the
better it is!
Hope there will be a fast fix for this...


> oh puh-leeze... What kind of stupid ass logic is that? You have people
> blatently exploiting a flaw and causing chaos, but because you dont know
> how they are doing it, you wont kick them out? What a sorry ass excuse for
> an admin. If I were a regular on your server I'd bail on you in a New York
> second after hearing that bit of stupidity.  Why dont you just come out
> and say what you REALLY mean. You want to know how it works so you can
> show it off to your friends. Quit trying to hide your real motivations
> behind some lame excuse.  Here's your ass-hat, go wear it with pride! The
> less people that know about this, the better and that includes admins. All
> you have to be able to do is see it, and its pretty frikken obvious, and
> ban the violators. You do not NEED to know how it works no matter how much
> you WANT to know.  The people that can fix it know about it and thats as
> far as it needs to go.  This list has done its job in reporting the issue,
> we dont need step by step instructions. Sadly enough, they will probably
> turn up on clan pages all over the net in a few hours. Even so, your
> knowing how they do it wont change a damn thing.
> </rant>

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