[bf1942] Newbie to 1.4

Reinder P. Gerritsen reinder at strikerz.net
Mon Jul 7 05:50:31 EDT 2003

For BF Remote Manager with 1.4 OB7, you need :
- BFRemoteManager14beta2.zip
- Enable the remote console in your server instance, by using the
command below in your serverconsole (or within the config file, befor
you start the server.
    admin.enableRemoteConsole <username> <password> [<port>]
    admin.enableRemoteConsole admin online 4711
Data differs I had previously when useing a no-CD hack a long time ago. 
If you have an official CD, you have either installed something on the
client of which the server is not aware, or possibly the client install
has gone somewhat corrupt. (I think.)
the rest you can find on the forums http://bf1942.lightcubed.com/forums/
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Hi all, 

I got the new server, installed with the 1.4 open beta 4. 

Then I installed openbeta 5 and then 7.

I started the server with the following command.

screen -dmS bfserver ./start.sh +statusMonitor +game BF1942


I made little to no changes to the ServerSettings.con since I just
wanted to test the new server.


Then I applied the full 1.4 windows patch to my client game.  I checked
this because it says v1.4 in the lower right hand corner of the main


When I try to connect to the server, I get Data Differs.


I couldn't see it in the lan section, so I had to add server in the
internet section.  I put my local ip in and then I got the error almost
right away.


Does anyone have any good scripts?  Or know how to get any gui
interfaces working with the linux dedicated?

I download the BFRemoteManager2.0 to try and that seems not to be able
to connect.


Help help help.



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