AW: [bf1942] chown on start?

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at
Thu Jul 3 02:09:53 EDT 2003

--On Wednesday, July 02, 2003 4:25 PM +0200 Christian Lahme 
<lahme at> wrote:

> We´ve traced what the server is doing with all config.files. First he
> reads everything in, deletes the file, writes the file again and after
> that it makes an chmod

Ack, what a horrible design! What happens if there's a power outage after 
the files are deleted and before the new ones are written? And why chmod 
instead of specifying the umask when the file is created? There's a 
security risk there.

The correct method should be to rename the old file, write a new file with 
the permissions copied from the old one into the open() call, then delete 
the old one.

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