AW: [bf1942] chown on start?

Christian Lahme lahme at
Wed Jul 2 10:25:59 EDT 2003

Oha .. Now i know .. What´s going wrong... 

We´ve traced what the server is doing with all config.files. First he
reads everything in, deletes the file, writes the file again and after
that it makes an chmod. That´s the problem why things like nitro won´t
work correct. Nitro is an Server-AdministrationTool which starts under
its own user, and distributes the config.files by another user via FTP
or MYSQL-DB to Webinterface-Frontend. 

It would be very nice, if DICE may solve this problem as fast as they
can. I know a couple of methods to manipulate files without deleting
them. This would be the better way. In actual version, inode-handles for
owner, group etc are destroyed and the files are created by user which
is starting.

Kind Regards


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Betreff: [bf1942] chown on start?

Hello Andreas,

Is bf1942_lnxded doing a chown every start? Is it possible to set this
by ServerSettings.con. Our System has to have different owners for the
configfiles. The starting user is in a group with the file-owner, but
they aren´t the same.

Is there any possibilty to get this in next ob?

Kind Regards


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