AW: [bf1942] chown on start?

Cream[DONut] cream at
Thu Jul 3 07:19:58 EDT 2003

At 23:09 02-07-2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>We´ve traced what the server is doing with all config.files. First he
>>reads everything in, deletes the file, writes the file again and after
>>that it makes an chmod
>Ack, what a horrible design! What happens if there's a power outage after 
>the files are deleted and before the new ones are written? And why chmod 
>instead of specifying the umask when the file is created? There's a 
>security risk there.
>The correct method should be to rename the old file, write a new file with 
>the permissions copied from the old one into the open() call, then delete 
>the old one.

The correct method would be not to write to the config files at all, as a 
person responsible multiple servers, having the server changing constantly 
in the config files is the beginning of a nightmare.

I realize it might be good if you have 1 server and you are experimenting 
with tweaking alot of settings and want the server to automatically 
remember those settings. But to me the opposite is true, having an admin 
change a setting "for fun", and then have the server permanently behave 
differently from the other servers, no thanks! (im considering if i should 
just chown them to root, and make them readable only.

In my opinion the way the HLDS system works is better.


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