[bf1942] Level init.con file not found

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Thu Dec 25 19:14:06 EST 2003

ScratchMonkey wrote:
>> Text: Level init.con file not found:bf1942/levels/gazala/Init.con

I've seen this error when the map name in maplist.con doesn't precisely 
match the filename in the levels folder (including case). Make sure they do.

> After looking more, I found one of the DC tarballs had unpacked into a 
> Mods (not mods) directory, and I suspect the server goes looking there 
> and doesn't find the BF1942 directory and dies. So there might be a 
> search path issue in the binary.

I know for a fact that the tarball created by Sasch works great. I have 
this mirrored here, if you want a fresh start:



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