[bf1942] Battlefield and ...

Luca Fabbro luca.fabbro at procne.it
Thu Dec 11 12:22:52 EST 2003

At 18.08 11/12/2003, you wrote:
>We run:
>1 20-player CS
>1 30-player BF DC
>1 TS2
>Apache,FTP and Psychostats for CS on our box and we are fine.
>All on a P42.4 w/1024MB of ram and I have no real long term issues. Now
>STEAM can be a problem during updates but that usually occurs on Wednesday
>nights and we are prepared for possible issues on the CS side of the box.

Having the same problem with STEAM :) We have always an eye over it.

>But overall I have no problems and I must say 1.5 is much more stable that
>the previous release. And we are very thankful for that Andreas :)

I'll start with 1.5 so I think that I'm lucky.

>Hope this helps, and a lot depends on your servers connection.

This really helps :)
No problem I think with bandwidth we have a 100Mbit connection.

Thanks again

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