[bf1942] Battlefield and ...

Scum scumbucket at cox.net
Thu Dec 11 12:08:22 EST 2003

We run:
1 20-player CS
1 30-player BF DC
1 TS2
Apache,FTP and Psychostats for CS on our box and we are fine.

All on a P42.4 w/1024MB of ram and I have no real long term issues. Now
STEAM can be a problem during updates but that usually occurs on Wednesday
nights and we are prepared for possible issues on the CS side of the box.
But overall I have no problems and I must say 1.5 is much more stable that
the previous release. And we are very thankful for that Andreas :)

Hope this helps, and a lot depends on your servers connection.


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Hi all,
	I'm just wondering if BF1942 can be run sharing resources with another
game like for example an ID based game engine. From what I've read it seems
that it's cpu usage will allow it but to be sure I'm asking about it.
Don't  want to have a second server on the same machine but unplayable.
I've seen that to preserve other programs running on the same machine I
should use the bfpridaemon to prevent high cpu usage at low priority (linux
priority)  during map loading, usually this doesen't happen with other game
engines as the priority level during loading sequences goes high in number
meaning lower system priority.


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