[bf1942] BF1942 v1.45 Retail Patch Available

Chad Rose crose at southwestwireless.net
Sat Aug 30 20:04:30 EDT 2003

point taken.. and nuff said I believe...

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> Obviously I'm on this list and I've seen the post that Andreas sent for
> the 1.45 dedicated server, but I saw nothing about the 1.45 client that
> was released yesterday by EA.
> My post stated it was for the 1.45 client, not server, and I did NOT
> advertise my
> services nor did I believe I was "spamming" the mailing list by posting
> something I had not previously seen.
> Seriously, the post was just an FYI pointing to a story about the client
> patch. You guys are reacting as though I posted a full blown ad, which I
> did nothing of the sort.
> I apologize to the other list members for this apparent missunderstanding
> by some users.
> Again, if you want to flame me, send me an email and stop spamming the
> list with hate mail.
> > And a ditto from here. I find it pretty hard to believe that this was
> > anything other than an advertisement to his services.....(not if
> > you've seen this list for the past 3 days, no rational person could
> > make a claim this was about knowledge of a patch) It's just too bad
> > spam advertising has the exact opposite effect on me. Now I'll never
> > consider his services. Not to mention the price is really bad.
> >
> > -Michael
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