[bf1942] BF1942 v1.45 Retail Patch Available

KGSsupport support at killergameservers.com
Sat Aug 30 19:58:38 EDT 2003

Obviously I'm on this list and I've seen the post that Andreas sent for
the 1.45 dedicated server, but I saw nothing about the 1.45 client that
was released yesterday by EA.

My post stated it was for the 1.45 client, not server, and I did NOT
advertise my
services nor did I believe I was "spamming" the mailing list by posting
something I had not previously seen.

Seriously, the post was just an FYI pointing to a story about the client
patch. You guys are reacting as though I posted a full blown ad, which I
did nothing of the sort.

I apologize to the other list members for this apparent missunderstanding
by some users.

Again, if you want to flame me, send me an email and stop spamming the
list with hate mail.

> And a ditto from here. I find it pretty hard to believe that this was
> anything other than an advertisement to his services.....(not if
> you've seen this list for the past 3 days, no rational person could
> make a claim this was about knowledge of a patch) It's just too bad
> spam advertising has the exact opposite effect on me. Now I'll never
> consider his services. Not to mention the price is really bad.
> -Michael

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