[bf1942] Slow reports from GameSpy

James Gurney james at globalmegacorp.org
Wed Aug 27 17:35:01 EDT 2003

This is most likely because of the way gamespy scans servers. To quote 
the All Seeing Eye manual:

"Eye separates server refreshes in two processes:
Pinging = determining the round-trip delay, or ping, for a server
Scanning = retreiving the server status (player names, map, hostname etc.)

Most game server browsers do both of these in one pass, that is, they 
only scan the servers and calculate pings from the status packets' 
round-trip delay. This method works fine if we have infinite bandwidth, 
but in real life situations the measured pings will be badly skewed. The 
reason for this is that when two large packets arrive at the same time, 
the second one will have to wait for the first one to go through the 
slow link. This might be as long as 500 milliseconds on slower 
connections, so the measured ping will be 500ms off."

If you want (more) accurate pings, then use ASE.


KGSsupport wrote:

> For some reason, GameSpy is reporting my game server in the 60ms -1300ms
> range when I know that is not the case.
> When I connect to my server via IP, I get 31-35ms steady pings. When I
> ping the IP, I get 29-32ms pings consistently over 100 tries.
> What in the world is going on with GameSpy and how do I correct it? I
> switched to a faster server with Level 3, UUNet as providers, and my
> previous provider was showing higher GS spikes. The box I'm on now is a P4
> 2.4Ghz with 2Gb DDR RAM and Hyperthreading.
> My public server is now completely dead and I cannot figure out why.
> Any help would be appreciated greatly!
> Thanks.
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