[bf1942] Patch petition

Fredriksson, Andreas andreas.fredriksson at dice.se
Thu Apr 24 09:12:49 EDT 2003


most of the cheats are due to the CRC checks in 1.31 not being very

We're overhauling this for 1.4 and in the strictest mode the server will
allow clients playing with the original files, nothing else.

The server administrator can also decide to add additional CRC bundles for
clients using certain mods he decides to allow.

More info on this when the patch is released.

// Andreas

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I'll put in my two cents here.

I, and most of my mates, hardly play much these days because of all the
freaking cheaters.  I could give a flying f... if private mods are
available as long as the cheating is stopped.  It would be so nice if I
was driving a brand new Tiger and some little cheating loser in a
Sherman would no longer be able to vape me with a near miss.
Just my opinion...
Arne Kühl wrote:

there should be a serverside setting if client-mods should be activated


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This may not be linux related; but it sure is serveradmin and patch 1.4

thus linux-server related, but forgive me if you consider this to be in

the wrong place.

I just wanted to ask dice not to take the anti-anti-cheat petition too

seriously. It is a petition started by a disgruntled modmaker refusing

to make his mod client-side, it was started without the knowledge that

the client-side-mod blocking would be a serverside option, and if you

read the comments you will see that it is mostly signed by ignorant kids

that are afraid they wont be able to play Desert Combat anymore.

So please, make the 1.4 as it was announced (that is, excellent), and

let the storm in a glass of water blow over :)



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