[armyops] AAO Linux Server

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun May 18 20:01:07 EDT 2003

> Maybe Ask the for windows server source...make your own server from scratch...

I do the Linux server port for SCI. Have been for months. Like I said,
this is a contractual thing between the Army and SCI, not a technical

> This is pretty stupid to use windows servers ....

Like I said, I don't make the rules.

> For now Army have forgoten the people in Europe....

Well, not to be contrary, but it IS funded by the U.S. Military.  :)

> What do You think Ryan about this... ?

I just port the software; you'd have to ask the original developers about
that sort of thing.

Sorry to be totally unhelpful here.  :(


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