[armyops] AAO Linux Server

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Sun May 18 08:05:50 EDT 2003

Dnia nie 18. maja 2003 09:49, Ryan C. Gordon napisał:
> SCI has exclusive rights to the Linux ArmyOps server;
> I don't make the rules, that's just how it is.

This sucks .... 

Maybe Ask the for windows server source...make your own server from scratch...

This is pretty stupid to use windows servers ....

I tryed runing this under wine on FreeBSd but it crashes ...

Im also wondering about honor points
In europe we have 100% unofficial servers
People like me have 20-50% packetloss whe we try to play on HomeLan or SCi to 
gain stupid points.
Im certainly sure that when there will be a weapon that will require more 
honor points than 10 , this game will be cracked ..

For now Army have forgoten the people in Europe....
If people in Europe can not gain honor on their own servers thewy schuld be 
able to do 2 things.
1. Fair rules , imagine situation i got 10 points of honor on my own server im 
playing this game for 1 year. When somone with more honor points joins my 
server. I have no chance to take my weapon if he select it.
I schuld be able (for now im able & i hope i will not cahnge in future 
verions) to switch honor off in global mode
2. I schuld be able to play in honor off mode with thise new weapons

What do You think Ryan about this... ?

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