[armyops] Save Games?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Jun 17 23:11:36 EDT 2003

> I recently downloaded America's Army 1.7.0. I've played through the
> first three parts of basic training, but my game never gets saved. I do
> have a valid username/password with the America's Army site. The game
> seems to connect normally. As soon as I exit the game, restart it, and
> log back in, I'm back at square one with the marksmanship training. Any
> help would be appreciated; this is quite annoying.

It's a long-standing, known bug, even in the win32 version. The server
_is_ keeping track of your progress, but when you restart the game and log
in, the client misreads the status report from the server unless you've
completed _all_ of Basic Training.

So, do this:
1) Start the game.
2) Log in ("report for duty").
3) Hit Tilde to pull down the console, and type "open tactical_training".
4) Complete the training at McKenna MOUT Site.
5) Save your training to the server.

This should fix it.

Alternately, go through all the basic training (rifle range, obstacle
course, weapons training, and MOUT training) without quitting the game,
and save your progress to the server.

Once you get through all the basic training, the game reports your status
correctly (and makes the other missions available from in-game).


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