Bugzilla question

Frank Morris forever at darientel.net
Mon Jun 23 12:55:48 EDT 2003

Im a bit confused as to what and what not to post as a bug on 
bugzilla at icculus.org for the AAO client.There are several severity options 
from severe/trivial to enhancement but im not sure if I should post something 
as a bug if I just dont think its right.I dont wanna spam the bug system but 
ive noticed small things that arent quite right in game.For instance at East 
Hill Ruins in Radio Tower there should be a shadow casting SE over the 
northern most wall.I know this because when I played the windows client 
people would hide in that little dark nook right there and in the linux 
client its as bright as can be.Its so trivial it would be almost embarrassing 
to post on bugzilla at icculus.org so should I post things like that there, use 
this mailing list here or just STFU?

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