[armyops] 1.7

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Wed Apr 30 18:27:28 EDT 2003

> The Linux version is considered under beta testing, so I would not
> assume that lot of clan players (If i read correctly, there are only
> about 35 'official' beta testers) are playing matches with Linux 1.6.0
> version.
Yep, I mean I'm beta tester but every body except me has got new version lol:D
I expected that we will test 1.7 with linux before they realease it.

> > I have to downlaod it and set ours server to 1.7 that are rules for ex.
> > of TWL So from now till 1.7 will be out for Us Linux beta testers i will
> > not be able to test AAO Linux Client more .
> You can still play on 1.6.0 servers, am i not mistaking?
I play only in my country (I got here 20ms ping and 0% PL)
There are 3 servers of this game ...
All today will be updated to 1.7 ...
We got our Clan Server where all my friends are playing...
Sorry I dont have time to play with mostly mornons from HomeLans servers  
where most of them is playing for points of honor not for fun with team work, 
btw i got there  ping 600 with 20- 60%packetLoss 
Playing there dosn't make sense for me.

BTW I heard first waords from friends about 1.7 like
"Wow what sound ... Jesus EAX rocks " etc.

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