[armyops] 1.7

Chris Case ccase at divinia.com
Wed Apr 30 17:22:56 EDT 2003

Artur Bać wrote:
> I got information that patch 1.7 is out ... for windows client 
> What with us ?
> What with clans that have got players playing both on linux  and windows ...
The Linux version is considered under beta testing, so I would not 
assume that lot of clan players (If i read correctly, there are only 
about 35 'official' beta testers) are playing matches with Linux 1.6.0 

> I have to downlaod it and set ours server to 1.7 that are rules for ex. of TWL
> So from now till 1.7 will be out for Us Linux beta testers i will not be able 
> to test AAO Linux Client more .
You can still play on 1.6.0 servers, am i not mistaking?

> What it will be in the furture  ?
> I think both clients schould have the same realease date ...

This would probably be the case (deduced hypothesis based on similar 
Windows/Linux games) once the Linux version is no longer beta.


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