Completing training missions

Knut Erik Berg keb at
Wed Apr 30 18:10:05 EDT 2003


Just wondering, what does it take to complete training missions? The
reason why I'm asking this is that during the missions related to 172nd
Sep. Infantry BDE it seemed like it was sufficient to play for a while,
then I got that nice, shiny completed-logo stamped on the missions. 

However, I've played the missions related to 10th Mountain Division,
especially POW Rescue and Tunnel, for more than an hour each, many
times, and nothing happens. I've tried playing both sides, never gotten
a negative score except for once, some l337 g4m3r made me wish I'd never
even seen a computer on that occasion, and I still haven't got that
mission completed. 

Once, I actually got that completed stamp in a rather peculiar way for
two of the Mountain missions. I played POW Rescue for an hour, got tired
and played Tunnel for an hour. I checked to see what had happened, which
was basically nothing. I quit the game, started it up at a later
occasion and suddenly they were both completed. Then, later on, I fired
up the game again, just to discover that the missions weren't completed
after all.

Has anyone else experienced this, or could someone who's played this
game in Windows explain what I'm doing wrong and what I should do to
solve this problem.

I apologize if this is an extremely ignorant question, but the help
pages don't cover this issue at all.


Knut Erik Berg

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