[armyops] Completing training missions

Daniel Ceregatti vi at sh.nu
Wed Apr 30 18:26:11 EDT 2003

I have experienced this. I'm "stuck" on it now. I've been told this is a
bug with win32 as well.

My 2¢

Daniel Ceregatti (AKA Primer)

Knut Erik Berg wrote:

>Just wondering, what does it take to complete training missions? The
>reason why I'm asking this is that during the missions related to 172nd
>Sep. Infantry BDE it seemed like it was sufficient to play for a while,
>then I got that nice, shiny completed-logo stamped on the missions. 
>However, I've played the missions related to 10th Mountain Division,
>especially POW Rescue and Tunnel, for more than an hour each, many
>times, and nothing happens. I've tried playing both sides, never gotten
>a negative score except for once, some l337 g4m3r made me wish I'd never
>even seen a computer on that occasion, and I still haven't got that
>mission completed. 
>Once, I actually got that completed stamp in a rather peculiar way for
>two of the Mountain missions. I played POW Rescue for an hour, got tired
>and played Tunnel for an hour. I checked to see what had happened, which
>was basically nothing. I quit the game, started it up at a later
>occasion and suddenly they were both completed. Then, later on, I fired
>up the game again, just to discover that the missions weren't completed
>after all.
>Has anyone else experienced this, or could someone who's played this
>game in Windows explain what I'm doing wrong and what I should do to
>solve this problem.
>I apologize if this is an extremely ignorant question, but the help
>pages don't cover this issue at all.
>Knut Erik Berg

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