[armyops] My Autopsy :)

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Sun Apr 27 17:01:46 EDT 2003

> stable around about 25fps instead of lower... in my opinion this means that
> icculus made a mistake somewhere in the netcode *runs* :P
Yep Ypu are right its not only Ypur opionion about netspeed.
But i  dont thisk so it'is icculus only bug
I have reported by friend that in windows version changing netspeed changes 
performance my firend is playing this game with netspeed 1000 !!!

I only think that on linux version this is much more visible than on windows 
So maybe Icculus add some broken code to broken code.
As i proffed before on sshoots i got even 2.5 times lower fps when i connect 
to server.
This schould not happen at all. Even with crazy ideas to clamp someones fps 
Horrible idea.

Next days we are going to password server and not allow laggy palyers play
I don't think so this is what army wanted to. 
My friend reported me that in germany 80% of servers are with password ... now 
we know why ....


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