Another Bug :)

Alien II alien_ii at
Sun Apr 27 19:16:30 EDT 2003

Hrrrm, was fooling around offline shooting around and making sure stuff is 
how it's supposed to be, hand aligned for grenades etc... when all of the 
sudden i saw something and said "WHAAAT?" :P

I started shooting through objects to see how the decals were and how the 
shots were manipulated once they go through a door....

NO DECALS (OMGGG *CRYYYYYYYYY*) (decals are the holes in the walls, doors 
etc), therefor i could not check wheather or not the bullets hit straight 
from the other side of the door or if they get manipulated so they don't hit 
straight as they should.

-Alien II
PS. Going back to find more bugs

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