My Autopsy :)

Alien II alien_ii at
Sun Apr 27 16:17:39 EDT 2003

Ok guys,

I have played around with some stuff, found a new bug, and the possible 
cause for the low fps :)

First off, the new bug... I was in the game and everything was fine (with 
sound) and when the new round started... no sound... i played the round and 
exited and got this error in console:

SDL: Audio timeout - buggy audio driver? (disabled)
audio: Bad file descriptor

Ok... now to the low fps. I was able to get 330 FPS on the main menu 
(offline) so i tried a few tricks (netspeed 6000 -- tells the server that i 
can only send/receive up to 6kb/sec), and immediatly my fps started being 
stable around about 25fps instead of lower... in my opinion this means that 
icculus made a mistake somewhere in the netcode *runs* :P

-Alien II
P.S. By getting ~330FPS offline with the interface, it proves there are no 
fps limits of some kind.

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