Point of view

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Mon Apr 28 14:07:08 EDT 2003


To have better point o f view of problems i descibed with Gfx and Sound, 
please instal windows client on the same machine if You got dual boot.

And You will see everything clearly making simple comparisions ....
FPS can be OS depended not more that 5% 
If i got 30fps on linux and 80fps on windows client in server test (not single 
palyer) this is question vere to find bug in game.

Second you have to hear sound of SBLibe 5.1 on windowsclient then compare this 
to this linux client. Everytning will e clear for You if you do that...

Thirs in single person (open mapname) i got more fps with linux game that on 
windows client ...

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