[armyops] Poor Gfx performance

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sat Apr 26 15:42:52 EDT 2003

> Also, even if you had 200ms ping and someone on the server had 500ms ping,
> you'd lag more than a 200ms ping because the server waits for the 500ms ping
> guy before it sends you data.
> ...or something like that:P

It _does_ look like it's clamping the framerate, though...I get (say)
25.00 fps on a complex scene, and if I walk up and stare at a wall I still
get 25.00 fps.

UT2003 clamps your framerate based on netspeed (modem vs. DSL vs. T1/LAN),
but changing this setting in ArmyOps doesn't seem to make a difference.

Will have to investigate (and look at a win32 system, too).


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