[armyops] Poor Gfx performance

Artur Bać arturbac at o2.pl
Sat Apr 26 21:17:16 EDT 2003

On Saturday 26 of April 2003 19:15, Alien II wrote:
> That is VERY normal.
> The FPS always lowers when your on a server. 
> Also, even if you had 200ms ping and someone on the server had 500ms ping,
> you'd lag more than a 200ms ping because the server waits for the 500ms

Strange but on windows client it i got not so much clamp of fps
for ex. in bathroom 
local game (both Linux and windows) more than 100fps
The same server 20ms 0%PL 
 - Linux 36 FPS
 - Windows 89FPS

I think it can be little lower but not so much like on linux client
IM UNABLE TO FIGHT WITH 10FPS outside pipline !
In the same situations outside pipeline on Windows client i got 30FPS!

Please correct this and dont say it is pretty normal
GFx performance is too much lowered on linux client

Second question how can i set minimal ping to enter server ?
MaxClientRate = 500 causes to not load objects like windows !!!!

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