[aquaria] [PATCH v2] Multi-Language support

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Sun May 20 11:12:17 EDT 2012

> Yes I have seen that one, it's somehwhat hard to judge why they did some
> things they did since the resources are commercial and thus not
> available and they did create their own resources. And somehow some of
> the changes feels almost like deliberately made to make it incompatible
> with the English version.

Yes, they added russian voice overs and other stuff. I can ask someone 
to send me the russian data/* files if that helps.

> Agreed, my plan is that if/when my patch gets accepted to begin work
> with replacing the remaining hard coded strings and functions.

I would say bad chances, last time patches were added was in end of 
november, because Ryan is incredibly busy.
(One of the reasons why i decided to stop spamming patches here and made 
a fork instead that i'm trying to establish as new reference. Sort of. - 
I will throw in your patch there in a bit.)

> One caveat is that the stringbank and ingredients file is part of the
> commercial resources, but since BitBlot have published them on the
> Aquarium forum so that translators can translate them it would very well
> be possible to get BitBlot to relicense those two files so we can add
> them to the repository.

Either make it load a stringbank2.txt file along with the original one 
that simply adds additional entries, or do it like me and start fixing 
up resource files as well. I tweeted Alec about it and he seemed to be 
fine with me releasing updatepacks with updated/missing resource files. 
Just sayin'.
And imho, these files were published along with a "Here go ahead and 
make awesome translations"-mentality, so what about just doing it? 
Unless someone wants to take the time and label each file with either 
"private", "GPL 3.14", "WTFPL", "Artistic", "BSD" ... for maximum 
bullet-proof correctness.

> My main concern is the font, for some strange reason the code loads both
> a bitmap and a ttf (which has full unicode support) but it seams like
> only the bitmap version is used?! I'm planning on doing a translation to
> Swedish myself but the font is quite in the way since we have heavy
> usage of our special characters åäö which is not supported by the
> current bitmap font, also since the font is part of the commercial
> resources we cannot add it to the repository either as of now :(

But you can create your own .glf file from the existing font and set 
that as new standard. Or change the code and drop the bitmap font 
entirely? Dunno how well that would work.

Does swedish use chars in the extended UTF-8 range? Because then the 
character conversion code from the russian patch will be handy I imagine.

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