[aquaria] [PATCH v2] Multi-Language support

Henrik Holst henrik.holst2 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 16:14:12 EDT 2012

I would say bad chances, last time patches were added was in end of
november, because Ryan is incredibly busy.

> (One of the reasons why i decided to stop spamming patches here and made a
> fork instead that i'm trying to establish as new reference. Sort of. - I
> will throw in your patch there in a bit.)

Ok, I have now cloned your repository instead since Icculus repo seams to
be halted. But perhaps I should still send patches here so that people can
see them (and so you can commit them into your repo if you accept them).

Btw I found one small problem with your fork, you include a zlib internal
file that is not meant to be used by applications and thus is not part of
the normal zlib-dev package, and it seams to be done just to set the
default mem level for zlib which according to zlib.h should be 8 anyways so
the following patch "fixes" that:

diff -r b98eef2012c1 BBGE/DeflateCompressor.cpp
--- a/BBGE/DeflateCompressor.cpp    Mon May 14 15:51:28 2012 +0200
+++ b/BBGE/DeflateCompressor.cpp    Sun May 20 22:06:48 2012 +0200
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
 #include "Base.h"

-#include <zutil.h>
 #include <zlib.h>

 #include "DeflateCompressor.h"
@@ -39,7 +38,7 @@
     c_stream.zfree = (free_func)Z_NULL;
     c_stream.opaque = (voidpf)Z_NULL;

-    if (Z_OK != deflateInit2(&c_stream, level, Z_DEFLATED, wbits,
+    if (Z_OK != deflateInit2(&c_stream, level, Z_DEFLATED, wbits, 8,
         *dst_size = 0;

>  One caveat is that the stringbank and ingredients file is part of the
>> commercial resources, but since BitBlot have published them on the
>> Aquarium forum so that translators can translate them it would very well
>> be possible to get BitBlot to relicense those two files so we can add
>> them to the repository.
> Either make it load a stringbank2.txt file along with the original one
> that simply adds additional entries, or do it like me and start fixing up
> resource files as well. I tweeted Alec about it and he seemed to be fine
> with me releasing updatepacks with updated/missing resource files. Just
> sayin'.
> And imho, these files were published along with a "Here go ahead and make
> awesome translations"-mentality, so what about just doing it? Unless
> someone wants to take the time and label each file with either "private",
> "GPL 3.14", "WTFPL", "Artistic", "BSD" ... for maximum bullet-proof
> correctness.

Sounds resonable, so will you accept such patches in the future (i.e adding
stringbanks.txt) ?

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