[aquaria] [PATCH v2] Multi-Language support

Henrik Holst henrik.holst2 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 09:41:00 EDT 2012

2012/5/20 False.Genesis <false.genesis at googlemail.com>:
>> Here is the second version of my multi-language patch to Aquaria.
>> [...]
>> What is left to do for proper multi-language support is to also load some
>> of the graphics and sounds this way so people can translate them as well.
>> And
>>  of course the problem with the bitmap font only supporting 7-bit
>> english letters
>> must be solved one day, or we simply will load a locale specific font
>> file...
> There is a patch that localized the game to russian, but it is not really
> *multi*-language-friendly. Attached for reference. Note that the patch is
> bit older and contains some other cruft which should totally not be
> included, but has a few interesting points to consider:

Yes I have seen that one, it's somehwhat hard to judge why they did some
things they did since the resources are commercial and thus not available
and they did create their own resources. And somehow some of the changes
feels almost like deliberately made to make it incompatible with the
English version.

> - they use a localized font.glf file
> - support font size scaling in glfont2 (not quite sure what and why they
> doing there - i can only assume their .glf file is screwed up somehow)
> - Continuity::getIngredientTypeFromName() should better be externalized
> a file
> - Some more hardcoded words/word fragments should go into stringbank.txt
> instead
> - In the patch, there is a few adjustments to text positions. I have not
> seen the russian version in action myself but if some localized texts get
> the way there should be a way to change this dynamically, too.
> Things I found that i think could be done better:
> - Using splitCamelCase() to create the ingredient names displayed in-game
> very ugly and should be replaced by something else - a localized file aka
> ingredientnames.txt that has lines like this:
> HotSoup Hot Soup
> SmallEgg Small Egg
> ...
> For english it might be unnecessary, but most other languages could
> definitely make use of this.

Agreed, my plan is that if/when my patch gets accepted to begin work with
replacing the remaining hard coded strings and functions. One caveat is
that the stringbank and ingredients file is part of the commercial
resources, but since BitBlot have published them on the Aquarium forum so
that translators can translate them it would very well be possible to get
BitBlot to relicense those two files so we can add them to the repository.

Also I have planned to add <Description locale="" /> support for the
modules so that their description can be multi language as well.

My main concern is the font, for some strange reason the code loads both a
bitmap and a ttf (which has full unicode support) but it seams like only
the bitmap version is used?! I'm planning on doing a translation to Swedish
myself but the font is quite in the way since we have heavy usage of our
special characters åäö which is not supported by the current bitmap font,
also since the font is part of the commercial resources we cannot add it to
the repository either as of now :(


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