[aquaria] [PATCH v2] Multi-Language support

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Sun May 20 08:06:35 EDT 2012

> Here is the second version of my multi-language patch to Aquaria.
> [...]
> What is left to do for proper multi-language support is to also load some
> of the graphics and sounds this way so people can translate them as well. And
>   of course the problem with the bitmap font only supporting 7-bit
> english letters
> must be solved one day, or we simply will load a locale specific font file...

There is a patch that localized the game to russian, but it is not 
really *multi*-language-friendly. Attached for reference. Note that the 
patch is a bit older and contains some other cruft which should totally 
not be included, but has a few interesting points to consider:

- they use a localized font.glf file
- support font size scaling in glfont2 (not quite sure what and why they 
are doing there - i can only assume their .glf file is screwed up somehow)
- Continuity::getIngredientTypeFromName() should better be externalized 
into a file
- Some more hardcoded words/word fragments should go into stringbank.txt 
- In the patch, there is a few adjustments to text positions. I have not 
seen the russian version in action myself but if some localized texts 
get in the way there should be a way to change this dynamically, too.

Things I found that i think could be done better:

- Using splitCamelCase() to create the ingredient names displayed 
in-game is very ugly and should be replaced by something else - a 
localized file aka ingredientnames.txt that has lines like this:
HotSoup Hot Soup
SmallEgg Small Egg

For english it might be unnecessary, but most other languages could 
definitely make use of this.

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