[aquaria] I'd like to build a binary for OpenSUSE

breversa breversa at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 15:24:21 EDT 2011

I'm glad to announce that I managed to compile Aquaria (yeah, no big
deal, I know... :-) ) for OpenSUSE 11.4 without any problem, and once
I put the game scripts where they belong, the game runs fine ! So
thanks to Ryan, False.Genesis and Vincent who helped me get on tracks
! ;-)

I haven't played it a lot so far (only went from the first red crystal
to Naija's home in the beginning), but here's my first feedback :

- The title screen still reads "Aquaria v1.1.3" at the bottom
left-hand corner. Would it be possible to change it to... er... maybe
the date/time of the last commit to the Mercurial repository before
the source was downloaded ?

- I do know that there are only few gameplay changes compared to
v1.1.3, but so far, the only one I've noticed is that the ingredients
remain in the cooking plates after cooking, provided you have more of
them. What are the other gameplay changes I have forgotten ?

- While the game screen now (?) takes almost all my 1280*1024 surface
screen, the minimap is a bit too low, meaning the bottom of it is now

And some suggestions :

- What about a new toggle in the options : "Display background texts
as Aquarian runes/Roman characters" that would switch between
aquarian.png and aquarian_alt.png ? It's no big deal for a tech-savvy
person, but that'd be an appreciable help for beginners/casual gamers.

- If I stop playing Aquaria for some days/weeks, I'm often lost when I
resume my game, not remembering exactly where I was heading before I
stopped. That made me think of some kind of "Naija's log" feature,
where you could replay/reread/rehear (but most probably not rewatch)
the previous cutscenes.

Since the voices and texts are simply audio/text files dis/played at
some time, this feature could be implemented by storing the names of
the files when they're encountered, and adding an option somewhere to
replay any file from that list. However, I've no idea how that would
works with illustrated cutscenes such as Mithala's story.

That feature could also double as a "let me see the in-game tutorial
hints again !" feature. :-)

So, that's it for now, but expect more feedback after I get some playing ! ;-)

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