[aquaria] Putting mods in a package/mod manager

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 20 19:34:33 EST 2011

Hey all.
GMMan, that is a good idea, did you have something like a zip archive in 
Because if that is the case, i plan to implement a package system into 
my fork within the next days/weeks, mainly intended for a new demo 
release. (They have moleboxed the data files for a reason).

I've got working code like this in another project i'm working on (LZMA 
compressed container files + transparent virtual file system, that 
allows merging files from containers and disk), and i would like to 
contribute that to Aquaria :)
This code would add flexibility that mods can supply their own files 
which can replace files from the game, i.e. overwrite certain data files 
from the game with those that are shipped with the mod, for the time the 
mod is loaded (of course only in memory).

Is this something like you had in mind?

PS: About windows, i'll make my fork on https://github.com/fgenesis, in 
a few days. Check it out then if you like.

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